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Schneider Electric Acti9 Combination Circuit Breaker Icv40N 1P+N 16A C 30Ma 6Ka Kl. A 36 Mm (A9DC3616)

Acti9 combining switch iCV40N 1P + N, 16A, 230V, 30mA, 6kA, classes A, C-characteristic, with VisiTrip TM and VisiSafe TM. Width 36 mm. The Combination circuit breaker Acti9 iCV40N combines breaker and leakage circuit breaker in a single unit, which saves panel space and provides optimum protection of people, installations and electrical appliances. Kombiafbryderen protects among other things against over-currents, fault, an electric shock by direct and indirect contact, transients and fire hazard. This class A combining circuit breaker pole has 1 + N, C-characteristic and are labeled 16A to 230V with short-circuit breaking capacity of 6kA and sensitivity of 30mA. Patented VisiTrip TM technology ensures rapid troubleshooting with clearly marked on the front. The unit has test button on the front and meets the IEC 61009-2-1 standard.

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